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About Us

About Us

Hormigon S.A., Panamanian company of the 21st century, founded by two visionary men, Engineer Alfredo Fonseca Mora and Engineer Roberto Zauner, who at the same time inaugurated the first production plant on January, 2000 located in the Province of Colon with five concrete machines to the service.

The company initially had 15 people on its payroll and produced an approximate of 20,000m³ of concrete annually.

Hormigon S.A. sees the need to open one more plant, located in the province of Panama in June, 2003. Wanting to go even further and supply a larger area with concrete, it opened its first mobile plant in July 2004, and thus the construction industry was growing in the country and the demand for concrete was increasing, Hormigon S.A., was opening its plants one by one, today it has a total of 13 production plants around the national territory.

Actualmente Hormigon S.A. has a valuable team of more than 275 employees. Due to this support, the company has contributed to the growth of the country by bringing concrete to countless projects such as: extensions of main roads, construction of Panamanian ports, supplying concrete for the water treatment plant of Panama, The Canal Authority, various high-rise housing projects.

Hormigon S.A. is part of this development, providing a 100% Panamanian national product, which meets the strictest environmental safety and quality standards, but above all providing immediate attention, as a practical option of the highest quality

Hormigon S.A. Committed to Panama


We are a Panamanian company dedicated to the production of ready mixed concrete offering high quality, with the best availability and service to meet the needs of our customers and contribute to the development of the country while respecting the environment.


To be the leading company in the production of ready mixed concrete nationwide, through innovation and continuous improvement guided by the integrity and teamwork of our collaborators.

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Confidence: We make our customers feel safe by receiving a quality product and service.

Discipline: We carry out processes in an orderly manner and live with them.

Security: We guarantee protection to people in our operational facilities and beyond.

Innovation: We keep up to date with market trends by creating strategies that allow us to be innovative and stay in it.

Contribution: We take care that our operations do not cause environmental damage (Zero damage).

Training: We train our human team to guarantee the success of all.

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